Vocational training for special needs learners.

Who are we?

Van Kervel School caters for  learners with special educational needs.  Our students mostly include learners who are intellectually challenged and have difficulty in academic and abstract learning styles and who experience barriers in reading, writing and numeracy.  They do not benefit from the academically orientated education in mainstream schools because of the tempo, work overload and pressures of mainstream education.

These learners benefit more from concrete learning programs where they learn by doing.  In most cases they will eventually find employment in practically orientated professions;  therefore more emphasis is placed on the skills or vocational learning programs in our school where learners can acquire skills such as panel beating, spray painting, motor vehicle repairing, woodworking, welding, building and maintenance, hospitality studies, educare, office administration and hairdressing.  


Learners are identified by their principals, teachers, parents, school psychologist in a multi-disciplinary team.  They can be from a normal primary or high school where they have reached a point where the main stream education will not meet their special needs.  Criteria for admission are the following:

Application should be made via the school psychologist before August of the previous year. The necessary forms can be obtained at the school where the learner is at present or from the local EMDC.  The learner must be accessed by the school psychologist and the parents must give written permission for this.  A multi-disciplinary team will decide on placement of the learner and this must be confirmed by the WCED

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